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  • The Bible to be the inspired word of God.
  • In the oneness of God, that there are three manifestations of the one God — Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
  • The name by which God is known is Lord Jesus Christ.
  • In the virgin birth, death, burial and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • In the necessity of baptism in water in Jesus' name, according to Acts 2:38 and Colossians 3:17, and in the reception of the Holy Ghost according to Acts 2:4.
  • This is the birth of the Spirit spoken of by Jesus in St. John 3:5.
  • In living a holy, consecrated and sanctified life.
  • In the translation of the Saints, commonly known as the Rapture
    (I Thessalonians 4:14-17).

God's precious blessings were upon Greater Bethlehem Temple Apostolic Church (GBTAC) from the very beginning. He smiled upon this great congregation in that he allowed a great man, Bishop Elzie W. Young to "Catch the Vision" and realize a dream. With only four members (including himself), Bishop Young founded GBTAC in 1950. Through divine instruction and unprecedented notoriety, God blessed Bishop Young with an Apostolic platform in the heart of the city and abroad (he was the only Bishop of the PCAF organization to serve a life term as Presiding Prelate). The church quickly grew to a membership of over 800 and this vibrant ministry became known as a saving station. Bishop Young's great influence and heart for God's people established GBTAC as an anchor that could not be removed.

Upon Bishop Young's transition to his heavenly home, Bishop Johnnie L. Johnson received the mantle of PastorateinFebruary, 1990. Bishop Johnson caught the vision and with his dynamic teaching and preaching, he led God's people to an attractive new facility. The church relocated from 12th and Elm Streets, downtown Cincinnati to 4781 Hamilton Avenue. While anchored in it's new home, GBTAC continued to grow, and under Bishop Johnson's leadership, established several church businesses, including the Bethlehem Temple Learning Center (later renamed J.L. Johnson Learning Center). Bishop Johnson dreamed of expansion and put the wheels into motion for a new edifice to be constructed. In March, 2005, after the onset of groundbreaking, that God called Bishop Johnson from labor to rest.


Bishop James Chapman served under Bishop Young as a spiritual son and young minister, and under Bishop Johnson as his Assistant Pastor. On May 13, 2005, Bishop Chapman was installed as Pastor, having received the mantle. Under his anointed leadership, GBTAC has carried the vision on to finish building the new edifice. GBTAC rallied together and in just one short year, saw the completion of the new sanctuary in April, 2006. The beautiful domed shaped edifice seats 3000 and is home to many ministries, support groups and outreach programs, including the A. Morton Food Pantry. God has favored GBTAC and… "Having therefore obtained help of God, we continue unto this day."

A man of integrity and a servant of God's people, Bishop James Chapman is one of today’s generation’s leading men. He is a native of Cincinnati, OH and graduate of Rio Grand University. As an educator and mentor, Bishop Chapman retired from the Cincinnati Public School system after 32 years of excellence in service. During his career as an educator, Bishop Chapman received numerous accolades and awards, including state recognition of a grant which awarded his school nearly $200,000.00 for computers and software; as well as being listed twice among the nation's top educators.

Called to serve, anointed to lead, Bishop Chapman is a man with a heart for God’s people. Known for his life changing teaching series and illustrated sermons, Bishop’s unique ability to bring God’s Word to life have transcended the four walls of traditional ministry and reached beyond cultural barriers. His high-powered messages entitled, “Dance or Die”, “Guilty Conscience”, and “The Fight is On” are just a few that have taken the city of Cincinnati by storm.

Bishop Chapman currently serves on the Executive Board of Bishops of the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. He is the Senior Pastor of Greater Bethlehem Temple Apostolic Church and is Founder and Chairman of numerous community projects including: A. Morton Food Pantry, James Chapman Academy for Learning, YES MOVE LIVE - Youth television broadcast, B.F.A.D.V. - Bethlehem’s Fight Against Domestic Violence, GBTAC Bible College - Southwest Ohio-Bell Institute Satellite, GBTAC Young Soldiers - youth mentoring and Pentecost Cincinnati. Bishop’s riveting life story has been penned in the compelling memoir entitled, “Faithful Underdog”.

Bishop Chapman and his beautiful wife, Robin are the proud parents of three children, Jarrod, Nicole (Dante') and Amber, and one grandson, Dante' Jr.

After over 35 years in leadership, Bishop Chapman continues to be God’s voice in Cincinnati, winning the city, one family at a time. 

A native of Detroit, Michigan and a Certified Banking Consultant, First Lady Robin Chapman is a woman of progress. She is married to Bishop James Chapman, the Senior Pastor of Greater Bethlehem Temple Apostolic Church. Known for her innovative and dynamic teaching style, Lady Robin has mentored countless individuals, and through the awesome power of God, transformed lives. An avid reader, noted cook and political science enthusiast, Lady Robin is well versed and eager to engage in inspirational dialogue that leaves the listeners with words of wisdom and food for thought. She is affectionately referred to as, a “First Lady of First Ladies” as she has countered the unflattering stigma of vanity and self absorbance. A lover of God’s word, Lady Robin’s passion for the gospel message echoes throughout church service with exuberant expressions of praise. As Director of Bethlehem Women In Ministry and a certified teacher of a 12-week New Foundations Biblical course, she believes that if you truly love God, even through life’s changes, you’ll find that His presence is always constant. She encourages her students to find solace in the words of Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” A woman of purpose, Lady Robin has founded Adriel (a mentorship for young ladies) and the A. Morton Food Pantry. A lifelong learner, she has completed coursework at Wayne State University and has acquired her certificate of completion in Counseling Instruction for Women at Light University. She is currently a biblical studies major at the Southwest Ohio Bible College. Lady Robin is the proud mother of Jarrod, Nicole (Dante’ Sr.) and Amber, and is overjoyed about her grandson, Dante’ Jr.

Bishop James Chapman
Senior Pastor
Executive Board Chairman

Lady Robin Chapman
BWIM Director

Evangelist Betty Gibson
Assistant Pastor
Pastor of Visitation

Associate Pastors
Elder Lloyd Lockett
Elder Ernest Erkins
Evangelist Vanessa Taylor
Minister Pamela Washington
Evangelist Barbara Brown
Elder Hadrian Welch
Elder Reggie Thomas
Evangelist Gloria Coates
Elder Dante Flanigan, Sr.

Deacon Board
Deacon Bernard Fields
Deacon Roosevelt Merritts
Assistant Chairman
Deacon Sam Woods
Assistant Chairman

Trustee Board
Trustee Walter Murphy
Assistant Chairman
Trustee Janelle Winford
Assistant Chairlady

Director of Business/
Financial Affairs

Evangelist Nicole Flanigan

Office Manager
Sister KeAsa Grier

Data Entry Specialist
Amber Chapman

Custodial Ministry
Elder Lewis Bryant
Sister Audrey McKelton

“For we are labourers together with God…” (I Corinthians 3:9 KJV)

To carry out our Pastor's vision through careful thought and prayerful consideration;
to implement strategies to develop organizational structure for ministry programs and worship services. We stay focused on our goals in the successful mission of the church.

Sister Kim Johnson

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